MVP Development for ICO

If you are thinking to launch an ICO it is necessary to think what can you propose your investors together with tokens. You need to have at least an idea.
How do you think, will it be enough for it? Of course, No.

Nobody will believe you without some version of Product. If you don`t have it create and we can help you in it. Ask us how we can help you to create Product and launch ICO for it.


Preparatory work for ICO

In order to provide successful ICO, you need to spend 90% of the time just for the plan.
There are 10 mandatory steps which were repeated through successful ICO.

Step 1: White Paper

Step 2: Purpose of your Token

Step 3: Terms and Conditions

Step 4: Build a Great Team

Step 5: Decide on what Token Technology to Use

Step 6: Execution Plan

Step 7: Token and Crowdsale Smart Contracts

Step 8: Hardware Setup

Step 9: Website

Step 10: Market Early and Market Right

Trainings, webinars, courseware materials

Ethereum Training: Hands-on Ethereum Development Bootcamp

Blockchain Training: An Overview for Business Professionals

Hyperledger Training:Developing on Hyperledger Fabric

dApp with Solidity Training

Blockchain Security Training

Blockchain Architecture Training

dApp with Solidity Training



we provide full-cycle conceptual, marketing, and technical support for your ICO

• White Paper Consulting
• ICO Website
• ICO Marketing
• ERC20 Tokens
• Token Sale Cabinet

All features which you can get

  • user signup and onboarding
  • multiple payments methods
  • KYC and verification
  • token sale flow
  • transaction visibility
  • messaging center
  • FAQ section
  • referral programs
  • bounty management
  • project progress
  • raffle
  • airdrops