SAP Hana Development

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Regarding SAP HANA development we provide:

  • SAP ECC Extractors and ABAP development
  • SAP ECC and SLT
  • Building HANA Views
  • SQL development and data modeling for SAP HANA
  • Developing ETL and data integration processes
  • Developing with SAP BW on HANA

Java application development for HANA

Developing and deploying Java application using the SAP Cloud Platform Tools for Java

SAP HANA XS (classic) application 

Developing applications that process a SAP HANA data model to requests from UI clients. In application development scenario, we use languages such as server-side JavaScript (XSJS) or an OData service to determine the application business model that exposes the data model built by the database developer. You can call the application service from a client interface, for example, a browser or UI client. If you want to develop an application service that processes an SAP HANA data model to client requests ask us.

UI5 Application for SAP HANA

Developing user interfaces with the modern technologies for SAP HANA applications

SAP HANA applications development

Full-cycle of development applications. Business and technical requirements gathering, implementation.

Database development for SAP HANA

We can develop applications that perform the following tasks:

  • Applications which can manage data streams, e.g, to filter, aggregate or enrich data before it is committed to the database
  • Perform real-time operational analytics on data of SAP HANA database
  • Enhance, cleanse, and transform data from local or remote sources to make it more accurate and useful.
  • Developing tools for analyzing and expose geospatial information
  • Developing tools for analyzing and providing data mining both structured and unstructured textual data and interlinked structured data

UI Client Design

As developers of client applications, we use a number of languages to develop a user interface (UI) client that displays allowed elements of an SAP HANA data model. In a UI-client development scenario, developers typically use languages such as SAPUI5 (HTML5) or JavaScript to determine the UI client application. The UI client connects interface controls to actions that request data and displays it in the necessary format.

SAP HANA solutions for Business One

HANA In-Memory Computing

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